I'm going through the end game process on the next record.  It's the usual mind fuck experience.  The mixes are done.  And now it's down to the "other stuff" that goes along with the music.  It is just as important and therefore I have been focusing on the "other stuff" with the same vim and vigor that I apply to the music.  As a result, I've changed the title of the album, dropped five songs, recovered two of them, changed the order too many times to count, and looked at a zillion public domain photographs to see if anything resonates as a cover.

I discovered a photograph in the NASA image bank of a bizarre, semi-futuristic giant round tank full of god knows what.  It looks like it was taken in the late 50s or 60s.  The photo resonates with me.  Other members of the B3R inner circle share my affinity for the photo, but question how well it fits this particular album. 

Since I prefer that everyone on the B3R team feel as strongly as I do, I am looking for alternatives.  I found a old public domain black and white photo of dogs pulling what looks to be an Eskimo on a sled.  You can barely see the man and the dogs faces are bit fuzzy and vague.  Shadows of the dog reach towards the camera.  I'm not describing the photo very well.  It's interesting as hell.  I just emailed it to other B3R team members to see if it strikes them the way it strikes me.  

If the dog sled photo doesn't do the trick, I may resort to putting my foot down and insisting that we go the giant tank of god knows what photo.  It's a unique photo and corresponds with my visual aesthetic sensibilities.  

It's exciting to be this close to the finish line.    

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