I presume you are all happily chasing down pumpkins, yams, and fleeing turkeys, as you prepare for another Thanksgiving with family, friends, and loved ones.  You might want to give extra thanks this year because, according to the ancient Mayans, the world is ending quite soon.  (For many turkeys, the world is ending even sooner.)

And since we’d love to spend our last precious moments of existence with you, ushering in the conclusion of the universe and reality as we know it with a musical bang of harmonic convergence, we have set some End of the World performances:

December 17 @ 8:30 pm - Skinnys Lounge (4923 Lankershim Blvd., North Hollywood)

December 28 @ 11:30 pm - Rustys Surf Ranch (Santa Monica Pier)

As usual, I will be joined by drummer extraordinaire David Rodgers and bassist supreme R. Matthew Carroll. 

I am informed and advised that R. Matthew’s office will once again employ the services of a party limo to make the trek from OC to Skinnys on Dec 17.  If you enjoy the company of happily inebriated nurses, you might not want to miss this show. 

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