I hope you had a healthy, happy holiday season and new year.

Here is the latest news on the Wishnefsky front.

*   B3R will resume playing live after our drummer Dave Rodgers recovers from shoulder surgery.  Poor Dave had the surgery right before Thanksgiving.  He should be able to play the drums like his usual madman virtuoso self in another month or so.  Stay tuned for gig announcements. 

*   A new B3R album is in progress. Will be released in 2015. Working title is All Is Lost. The songs are written and recorded except for the drums, which we will complete when Dave is good to go. 

*   We are re-recording a number of Wish songs that B3R plays live.  Dave finished the drum tracks a few days before he went under the knife.  This record will be released in 2015.  Working title is Greatest Hiss, Chapter One.  I'm excited about re-releasing these songs because they have evolved significantly for the better as we have been playing them live. 

*   I've been working on some projects on the side.  I played keyboards on tracks featured on an upcoming Michael James instrumental album.  I'm also playing keys/guitar and writing with the Minty Freshmen who are working on their debut release.  Let's just say for now that the other Minty members are way more notorious than I am (not like the bar is set all that high) and I was honored that they asked me to be a Minty.  I'll give you more info on this project in the future.

That's all for now.  Be good. 

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