A fair bit of Wishnefsky news will be heading your way in the near future.  Here's a little preview of coming attractions.

1) There has been a delay in mixing the next Wishnefsky record.  But it will be done soon and it is REALLY FUCKING GOOD.  I'm dying to release the songs.  They have been written and recorded for a quite some time.  They need to be mixed and mastered.  Michael James will be doing that and we are waiting for him to finish some other projects and then we will be off and running.

2) I may release the next album under a new band name.  The record sounds a bit different than the usual Wishnefsky stuff.  It is more acoustic and organic.  It stands quite well on its own -- apart and separate from my other work.  Hence, it deserves its own title.  Whatever name is used, it will be released by Lost Dog Records and available at all the usual places where you find Wishnefsky music. 

3) Another reason for the delay in getting the next record released is Michael and I have been working two other projects: his brilliant solo instrumental record AND, shhhhh, please don't tell anyone, but he and I are now in a new band with some amazing musical heavy hitters.  You will be hearing much more about this soon.  Mum's the word.   

4) My former Jabberwock bandmate and artist extraordinaire Todd Jameson has created the cover artwork for the long overdue formal release of the Jabberwock record Her Faithful Battalions.  The cover is FUCKING AMAZING.  Sorry but, unfortunately, Jabberwock is neither reforming nor going on a reunion tour or anything of the such.  Her Faithful Battalions has long been available to listen to on the Wishnefsky website.  When it is formally released, you will be able to download, stream, and get your grubby little paws on this music. 

5) While he's back in the fold so to speak, I'm thrilled to announce that Todd is helping with the graphic design for the next Wishnefsky (or whatever we end up calling it) record.  Todd's graphics will be placed over a killer photo taken by Ed Nahin.  Again, I can't wait for this stuff to come out because it's amazing. 

6) Dave, R. Matt, and I are scheduling some gigs in the LA area.  We will be playing many of the new songs and, just for good measure, a few old Jabberwock tunes (Our Blessed Isabella and Empty).  Moreover, we are supplementing our repertoire with even more Wishnefsky songs from my solo work.  I'm blessed to have written a large number of songs in my life and many of them work fantastically well with this live line up.   

That's all for today.  Stay tuned.  Happy M Day.  Love you. 

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