Michael James posted a nice blog today that includes a discussion about some technical elements involved in making the next Brahms' Third Racket album.  As an added bonus, the blog includes a few goofy pics of MJ, me, and the Beast.  

In case you're wondering, the Beast is my fav electric guitar.  It is a vintage Yamaha SG1500 with incredible sounding DiMarzio pick ups.  It was formerly MJ's guitar.  I bought it from him while we were making the first Jabberwock record over 20 years ago.  The Beast is part and parcel of my sound.  MJ and I have an understanding that he has the right of first refusal if I ever sell the Beast.  But, hey, that will NEVER happen.  In point of fact, I intend to be laid to rest with the Beast in a coffin adorned with the Vox insignia.  Since MJ will in all likelihood outlive me and seek to reclaim his former instrument upon my demise, he will be forced to rob my grave in the dead of night.  But, who could blame him?  I certainly wouldn't.  But, then again, I would also be dead.  Whereas the Beast will live forever. 

Anyway, MJ is one of the best mixing engineers in the world and has worked on many great albums and songs by a wide range of incredible recording artists.  I'm quite fortunate to have his assistance on my records and even more fortunate to call him a dear friend.


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