On June 11, I played live officially for the first time since Jabberwock broke up back in the middle ages.   I was lucky enough to be joined by my longtime co-conspirator David Rodgers on drums and my supremely skilled cousin R. Matthew Carroll on bass and vocals.  On one song (In Your Head), the talented and lovely Mary Ann Pelino sang back up vocals.  We played at a little club called Skinny's Lounge in North Hollywood.  The gig went well and we had a blast. 

I'm playing live again because Matt essentially talked me into it.  When Jabberwock broke up, I soured on the idea of playing live and became a musical recluse, ensconced in my tiny studio where I rule as the supreme dictator and cater to no one's whim but my own.  However, it turns out I enjoy strapping on an electrified instrument that makes a horrifically loud noise and I enjoy even more singing, screaming, whispering, and emitting sounds of a musical nature into a microphone, all while accompanied by Dave's propulsive, stick-enticed, drumming, and Matt's bottom-end grabbing, groovacious, lower rumbling.

Some videos of a few songs are posted on the Wishnefsky youtube page.

Next week I'm off to the UK for a family trip.  No gigs are set up -- BUT, if you live in London or Edinburgh and have an acoustic guitar or piano, I would be more than happy to drop by, say hello, deliver some signed CDs, and play some songs, schedule permitting.

I'm renting a car for the journey from London to Scotland.  I've never driven on the left side of the road before (well, never legally).  If you find yourself on the road in the UK and see me coming, get the hell out of the way because I cannot promise or guarantee your safety.  A crash helmet, ejector seat, and parachute are advised. 


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