We are playing June 20 in Santa Ana at the Copper Door.  We haven't played there before.  Looks like a nice club on its website.  Nice Yelp reviews.  Hopefully there are some folks there who are up for some different music. 

Brahms' Third Racket has a facebook page.  Check it out if you're into facebook.  i posted some photos from our last few gigs on the fb page. 

I also set up a myspace page for Brahms' Third Racket.  Not much action on myspace these days.  That's too bad.  It's a good place to check out different bands.  Much better than fb when it comes to music.

The best place in my opinion to listen to B3R, Wish, and Veneer is at Bandcamp. 

I have released 14 full length records of original material in the last 20 years.  They're all on this website as well as two unreleased albums of original material.  That's a lot of output for someone who works full time in a demanding job as a lawyer and is a devoted family man.  I'm proud of all the songs and would put the best ones up against just about any artist. 

I'm a huge Laker fan and have been my whole life.  These are tough times for the Lake Show.

I have to get up early tomorrow to be in court at 8:30.  Fuck me.  I'm not a morning person. 

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