I suppose the title of this little blog could refer to my head, but I'm actually talking about guitars.  I love my Epiphone 335.  For years, I used my vintage Yamaha SG1500 with DiMarzio pick ups (AKA the Beast) and my American made Tele.  I finally got a semi-hollow body electric - the 335 - last year and it's really grown on me.  I'm using it more and more on recordings.  I'm now using the 335 live for songs that need a humbucker sound and the Tele for the songs that need a single coil tone.  I've been leaving the Beast at home because it's too valuable to risk getting banged up.  Plus it weighs a fucking ton and kills my shoulder.  Anyway, the 335 has a beautiful warm, rich, distinctive tone.  I have a feeling there will be a lot of it on the next record.

Here's the 335:



Here's the Beast:



And here's the Tele:


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