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From the recording COME TO ME



c2002 by Wishnefsky

This is from the first batch of songs that I recorded for this album. Like Body Without a Soul, this song has been through a fair amount of changes to the mix, but not the structure.

Musically, this is a very simple song – literally two chords. This song derives its strength and power from dynamics and arrangement.

In the section between the first chorus and second verse, I wanted something that sounded something like bagpipes.

Some of the pad and texture sounds are samples of the Romanian lady singer, even the low notes. There's something a bit eerie about a female voice played back several tones lower than the original pitch. For one, the sample plays back slower. Variations in the pitch seem to stand out more, thereby giving the sound a sense of life and nature. Alien, but still human. Real, but as if in a dream. At a deeper level, a female voice played at a low pitch unifies the genders. Feminine, yet strong. Rumbling, yet tender.

The lyrics describe someone whose feet are firmly planted in the concrete that he poured. Guess he should have used his words.