From the recording YOU'LL FIND OUT



c2003 by Wishnefsky

Ever get in touch with your inner child? Ever need to remind him to use his words? In psychotherapy, my inner child used his words a few times and then ran back to the metaphysical playground.

This song features the sampled Romanian diva in a more prominent role.

No, that is not guitar in the intro and outro grooves. It is, rather, a sample of a guitar played through various effects that distorted the sound.

I created the rhythm tracks by layering together different loops (REX files in Reason). I experimented with unlikely combinations – loops from different styles – to concoct unusual sounds and atmospheres. Some of these experiments rightly landed in the digital trash bin, but many combinations survived. I used this technique throughout these songs and it proved to be a compelling creative stimulant. I ended up with a large collection of unique grooves, some of which may be found on Use Your Words.