1. Cakewalk

From the recording Cakewalk



c1996 by Wishnefsky

This is another song whose genesis took place during the creative burst after Sophie was born. It took a year or two to conjure lyrics which coincided with the Sandbag theme.

The beginning of this version features the recording debut of my close friend David Michaelson. This unexpected event went down thusly:

I was working on the song when Dave called. He asked what I was up to and I eloquently explained, "I'm trying to come up with something that doesn't sound like complete crap for the start of this fucking song."

"I can help," he volunteered.

"Yeah, right," I responded with an air of disbelief. Still, so as not to trample Dave's fragile sense of self-esteem, I rewound the tape and set up a microphone. I pressed record, held the phone up to the mic, and declared, "Tape is rollin', mothafucka!"

Thereupon, some very unusual sounds emerged from the tiny telephone speaker.

I played it back, added some serious chorusing effect, and voila! I had my beginning.