1. Grounded Nun

From the recording Grounded Nun


Grounded Nun

c1998 by Wishnefsky

This is a dusty relic, dug up from ancient times before Jabberwock came into being. I've always been partial to the chorus and patiently awaited a sensible opportunity to bring this tune into the light of day. Being light and somewhat silly, Grounded Nun never fit in with the morbid sadness and intensity of Jabberwock. Veneer, though, is a different can of worms altogether and welcomed the eccentricity of this song with open arms. Though written on acoustic guitar, I think it works well on piano.

As for the lyric, you may recall a TV show back in the day called the Flying Nun, which starred Sally Fields as a remarkably aerodynamic sister who constantly found herself in mildly troubling situations that somehow magically resolved themselves within half an hour, including commercial breaks. Picture the polar opposite of the good-doing, big-hearted, gravity-defying vestal and you're looking at the protagonist of my song.