From the recording Jesus Doesn't Love You Anymore


Jesus Doesn't Love You Anymore

c1998 by Wishnefsky

Sometimes it's necessary to take a long hard look in the mirror. Learning how to view one's reflection in an honest and objective manner presents a monumental challenge for most. That's what this song is about.

The beginnings of this song appeared in 1994. As we experimented, it evolved significantly over time. Todd and Dave hated the original lyric and made me change some of the lines. One certain line offended Todd so strongly that he must have proposed 25 ridiculous alternatives. So, what you hear is actually the watered down version.

I have nothing against Jesus at all as a matter of fact. He had many worthy ideas and, if a small percentage of the stories even vaguely resemble truth, he certainly was an honorable and decent fellow. As for some of his purported followers – well, that's a different case. Get the mirrors.

On the Veneer version of this song, I went for an acoustic sound with a John Lennon slap delay on the lead vocal. A harpsichord sample seemed to breathe life into the backing tracks.