From the recording Our Blessed Isabella


Our Blessed Isabella

c1996 by Wishnefsky

Yes, it's true. I confess. This song is about my lovely mother-in-law. Please don't tell her though. Ignorance is bliss.

I love this song and not just because of who serves as an imaginary dart board for my pointed protectile words. There's something about the melody and chord structure, especially on the choruses, that makes me feel like my song writing ascended to a new level. Those finicky muses finally relented and gave me a gift with this tune.

The original seed grew from a phrase about Our Blessed Isabella in a brilliantly bizarre narrative called the Jabberwock Manifesto that was penned by Todd Jameson in 1996. He drafted it in his wonderful calligraphy. I have a copy and if anyone is interested I can scan it and upload it to the site. During a 1996 Jabberwock showcase gig, Todd surprised the audience (and the rest of the band) by running off the stage and passing out the Manifesto. No one in the audience or band knew quite what to think. Todd had that effect on people.

The Veneer version is fairly close to the Jabberwock version – with piano substituted for acoustic guitar. Todd wrote a beautiful melody for the keyboard solo, which I faithfully reproduced.

I hope you enjoy Our Blessed Isabella. If you're my mother-in-law, please skip to the next song.