From the recording GATES OF PARADISE



Rolling your eyes with the juju beads
With a twisted limb and a bended knee
Kamikaze chaos in the back of your head
Like a prehistoric monster oozing up from the dead
Screaming at the telly like a tabby on fire
Screaming to be heard over jet airliners

We’re coming down for a runway crash
Loaded up with alcohol, weapons, and cash
Register trouble on the Richter scale
It’s another doomed plan that could never fail
Safe inside the belly of a roving beast
With the jaws of death on a gorging feast

Scaring all the ladies with the bulge in your pants
Like a European playboy from the south of France
Running up the bill in credit card romance
Like an epileptic rhino attempting to dance
Blowing all your money on the roll of the dice
With garage door opener for the gates of paradise

c1996 by Wishnefsky

Wishnefsky – vocals, electric guitars, synths, bass
Dave Rodgers – drums

This waltz is something of a circus bigtop number, though it mostly avoids the high wire and seldom strays from the elephants, clowns, and juggling monkeys.

Gates is really more of a Veneer song. In Jabberwock, we never even considered playing it live.

I had someone very specific in mind when I wrote this tune and he doesn't have a clue who he is. So we'll just leave it at that and call it a day, if you don't mind.