1. SKIN

From the recording SKIN


c/p 1996 by Jabberwock

I wrote this song in the early 90s. This is an alternative version recorded right after we finished Southland. Frankly, I like this better than the Letterbomb version, which was recorded at a later time. This version fits with where we ended up in Jabberwock - more melodic and acoustic guitar driven.

Long after we recorded this particular version of Skin, I wrote a lovely counterpoint vocal part in the second verse. I hate to mess with the original mixes and performances, but I went back into the time machine to change history. Well, kind of. I dropped this mix into Logic Pro and added the vocal counterpoint in the second verse. And while I was messing with the song, I couldn't resist adding a mellotron part in the bridge, last chorus, and outro. It adds grandeur and perhaps a bit of style.