It's hard to care when I'm so bored
Nothing touches me anymore
Half the world doesn't even think
Frozen solid as a skating rink

Business lunch on a bullet train
Hive of bees buzzing in my brain
I'm so nervous that I start to shake
I've got people to see and bones to break

I'm expecting a life
I'm expecting a life
I'm expected a life
But, what do I get?

Fat pig on a stationary bike
Sweating bullets from a leaky pipe
Macaroni and bovine eyes
Thunder cracking in between her thighs

She's expecting a life
She's expecting a life
She's expecting a life
But, what does she get?

She gets a one way ticket on a bullet train
She gets a hive of bees buzzing in her brain

It's hard to laugh when I'm so sick
Pulled by a purple pied-piper dick
The compass needle is pointing south
Pointing at the apple in porky's mouth

We're expecting a life
We're expecting a life
We're expecting a life
But, what do we get?

c 1996 by Wishnefsky

Wishnefsky - vocals, acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass
Todd - synth, vocals
Dave - drums, vocals

This is one of my favorite Letterbomb songs. It has the right mixture of edge, power, personality, and melody. I recall coming up with the electric guitar parts on an evening when I was alone at the studio and it was a magical feeling to hear the song come alive. I was very excited to play the parts for Dave and Todd. When they really liked what I had done, I knew this song was a winner.

Life Expectancy sounded great life. For the Letterbomb shows, we stopped rehearsing at Dev's and went to a professional rehearsal studio in Glendale. The owner of the studio, Brad Last Name Unknown, loved this song and told me he thought it was a hit. Unfortunately, the song didn't become a hit and Brad went out of business. Too bad.