From the recording FUTURE AVON LADY



c1992 by Wishnefsky, Rod Clark, David Rodgers, and Todd Jameson

Wishnefsky - vocals, acoustic guitars, electric guitars
Dave Rodgers - drums, gong
Todd Jameson - synth, vocals, second mantra
Rod Clark – bass, vocals, first mantra

Now we are truly dipping into the vaults of history. This is from the first group of songs that we recorded with the original make up of Jabberwock. We were still searching for a sound and direction. Rather than force matters, we experimented and tried to let things happen naturally. It turned out that the vision for the band didn’t coalesce until we parted ways with Rod.

You can hear glimpses of the Jabberwock that was yet to come as well as what was not to be part of our sound.

We missed Rod’s stellar bass playing and ability to make a song groove. I had worked with Rod in a lot of bands and projects. He is a super talented person with a remarkable sense of humor. But chemistry can trump talent and that’s what happened between Rod and Jabberwock.

That’s Rod in the beginning of the song chanting his mantra or something related to his yoga class.

That’s Todd at the end of the song chanting the Future Avon Lady’s mantra. She never attended yoga class.

Future Avon Lady is about a very beautiful person who I shall not name in order to spare her embarrassment. It’s somewhat of a shame that I recall this particular lady by this song instead of the delicious taste of her lips in the moonlight of an evening long past.