From the recording HORSE'S HEAD



c1995 by Wishnefsky

Wishnefsky - vocals, acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass
Dave Rodgers - drums
Todd Jameson - vocals

I wrote HH at the same time as the Letterbomb songs. For a long time, I thought it was going to be on the album, but it didn’t make the final cut. Even though I did most of the songwriting, deciding what to do with the songs was a very democratic process. I always had the utmost in trust and respect for Dave’s and Todd’s opinions. I also recognized how close I got to the songs and the need for a more objective viewpoint.

HH addresses those amongst us who need to look death squarely in the eye before truly deciding they are alive.

This song contains a line of which I am quite proud:

“I want to hear what you almost said. . .”

The initial germ for HH came from the idea that we should have a song in which Dave played the kick on the first and third beats of the measure in true rock and roll fashion. That simple straight ahead drum part never seemed to work with anything we did until HH came along.

The ending seque into the guitar riff from Understanding was a typical happily unplanned exercise in Jabberwock serendipity. Specifically, we recorded HH over an old unfinished version of Understanding. We liked the way it sounded, so we left it in there. Why not?